Saturday, June 15, 2013


Home ... after an incredible trip and time. I owe my host and hostess for this journey - Doris and Stefano - a tremendous amount of gratitude and thanks ... for opening their home, hearts, lives, and family to me ... for spending weeks speaking a language other than their own, for delicious food, a comfortable bed, Internet access, trips to jaw-dropping sights, events and activities, gelato, expresso, my beloved brotchen, painting, a drive to Italy and back, a blessed hot water bottle during the unexpected cold temperatures, walks along the rivers and fields, visits to and from Flickr friends, and more ... so much more.

I find 'thank you' so darn inadequate ... but I know you know, Doris, how deeply grateful I am for all you and Stefano have done for me over the last two months....

My heart is full, as is my camera, and my mind and heart return again and again to a family, landscapes, and friends across 'the pond' that are now as much my own as my family and friends here in the US.

A hundred million thank you's ....

And both C and I are eager to share our world with you ..... come on over!

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Teri Casper said...

Welcome home Lin!! I missed your beautiful art but I know you have lots to share. Can't wait.