Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Italian Farmstead

Italian Farmstead by linfrye ..
Italian Farmstead, a photo by linfrye .. on Flickr.

Arches 140#CP

Funny thing about landscapes -- we like what we like -- no matter where in the world we go. Visiting Germany and Italy, I still found that my heart skipped a beat with each RURAL landscape - despite the incredible beauty of the architecture ... I guess you can take the girl out of the 'country,' but can't take the 'country' out of the girl! LOL

Here is a painting of an Italian farmstead using traditional watercolor paints and techniques. This view appealed to me because of all the greenery and of course, the field of poppies! LOL

Have a great week!


Joan T said...

Oh, your textures on the building are awesome!!! This would definitely be a scene that would stop me in my tracks to come and paint it. Your work is just lovely!

Lorraine said...

Yes your love of rural scenes really shows regardless of the region. And that love gives you a special talent for painting these gorgeous landscapes. This is especially lovely because of the colors and shadows. From your brilliant flowers to your pastoral scenes, I so look forward to your blog to see what you will come up with next.

Teri Casper said...


Janina B. said...

Wunderschön Lin. Die Wiese zart und bezaubernd gemalt;-)

Debbie Nolan said...

Lin - so breathtaking...I am with you too being a country girl I never tire of the rural countryside. Your textures and colors are awesome. Hope you are having a blessed fourth of July wherever you are.

Judith P said...

Gorgeous, Lin~takes my breath away, love the poppies!