Thursday, July 11, 2013

White Barn in the Blue Flowers - Brusho

10" x 14"
Arches 140#CP
Brusho Watercolors

I have to admit to the fun I'm having experimenting with Brusho powdered pigments. There's a marvelous spontaneity and vibrancy to these paints that, try as I might, I just cannot replicate with traditional tube watercolors. I do enjoy tube paints as much as Brusho ... the effects and application methods are somewhat different though, and I suppose that is the charm and challenge of having alternatives in one's paint box.

My garden continues to delight with it its red, pink, yellow and orange flowers and as I prepare for teaching flower-painting classes next month, my art table is filled with photographs and flower paintings. After all that color, though, the calm effect of blue really struck me in Dianne's beautiful capture: . I was immediate mesmerized by the sense of quiet and coolness in this image and it inspired me to combine my experiments with Brusho for a landscape painting. This is the result. The Brusho in my interpretation of Dianne's image lends the scene a more sunshiney, warm brightness,but the blues, at least to me, tend to calm that down a bit and quiet some of the 'heat'...

Thank you so much, Dianne for permission to use your wonderful photograph and more, thank you for the inspiration it provided. Please stop by Dianne's flickr stream for more incredible creations .

I hope you're having a terrific summer. The weather in my part of North Carolina, like in some many other parts of the world, seems to be a mix of cooler temperatures and a lot of rain. Here it is July and we've only had a handful of 90F temperatures (thank heavens!!) - instead of the dozens we typically experience. We've had rain and heavy storms four to seven times a week so our soil, parched and droughted over the last five years, now has an excess of water, and some areas are experienced flooding and downed trees. It definitely is a 'different' kind of summer ....


Teri Casper said...

WOW WOW WOW STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorraine said...

Incredible Lin. I just love the color combinations in this -- it just jumps off the page with happiness and light yet does lend a sense of peace and stillness with the deep blues. Perhaps a day in the life of as one goes through the moods of the day? I can't decide which I like better, the blue and yellow combinations or the bright bold pinks, reds, and oranges in the Brusho flowers you've done. Oh heck, I love them all. I think you'd excel in any medium.
Big hugs,

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Lin - this is absolutely stunning. You capture a subject so well and there is a feel of summer but also a timelessness to this piece. So beautiful my friend and thank you so much for sharing as well as inspiring me to get painting. Take care - we have had lots of rain here and tornado tore through our area last Weds. We were blessed - only had one tree come down. Take care and stay safe.