Sunday, January 15, 2006

Art Supplies

Felicity was talking about art supplies we like to use, so I thought I'd add a photo of mine -- well, my SKETCHING art supplies. These are the supplies I travel with during the week and those I seem to use everyday. My COLLAGING art supplies, well, they'll need their own photo album!


Teri C said...

Thanks for sharing these Lin. Now I have to look at those Canson sketch books. Oh darn :)

In answer to your question--I have not tried W/C on my Strathmore sketchbook. It just works so well with my colored pencils.

Felicity said...

Thanks for sharing Lin. Hmm that sketchbook looks so inviting! It's always fun to come back here and read your creative journey. And find new words :) - kerwokedyness (did I spell that right?) Great word!!