Sunday, January 15, 2006


On the Everyday Matters group this morning, there was a small chat about the things that we're attracted to sketch, and I added, perhaps those things we AVOID sketching.

Cully called me on my avoiding sketching my bookcase. GOT ME, thought I. Thus tagged, I deeply sighed and set to work on ONE of the EIGHT bookcases in my workroom. I KNOW now some of the reasons for my avoidance:

(1) The bookcase is a MESS and needs reorganizing
(2) Bookcases, especially non-perspective views, are all lines and angles -- all things I do with great kerwockedy-ness
(3) After sketching the books on the first shelf, I grew a 'tad' bored with all the lines! LOL
(4) Even with the wee bit of perspective in the bookcase, the perspective caused me fits!

It was FUN ... though I think I"ll hold off sketching the other seven bookcases for a while! LOL


Terri said...

Well good for you Lin, rising to the challenge. And don't you feel good now?? :o) You did a great job with this. Bookcases are another subject that are not easy to draw simply because they are usually full of fidly to draw books!! You should feel very proud of yourself. YOU DID IT!!! :o)

Cully said...

Congratulations! Tackling a subject that scares you is always an achievement. And you did good! It's not nearly so messy as I'd imagined it. And probably not nearly as scary to draw as you'd imagined it.

Linda said...

Great job with the bookcase -- I'll bet it was a tough one!

Lindsay said...

hahah kirkwateness???? great word. Good for you to tackle something you avoided!