Thursday, January 12, 2006

EDM #1 Draw Your Refrigerator

Since I work out of town and my own refrigerator was 80 miles away, I sketched instead the exterior of the B&B owner's refrigator. It's a very 'homey' refrigerator filled with pretty magnets, notes, calendars, photos of her grandchildren, and the detritis of a large, loving family. The B&B owner thought I was a bit crazy to be sketching something in her kitchen, and she had a good laugh at the results (me, too) .. but then again, I'm always glad to help someone smile! LOL


Terri said...

It does look like a nice homey refrigerator. :o) Sounds like a nice friendly place to stay too. I am so full of admiration that you manage to sketch so much while away on work. Good for you!!

Felicity said...

It's been great checking out all your latest sketches - and your enthusiasm is so infectious!

Rayna said...

What a hoot! Looks like she's got the same kind of clutter on the exterior that I do. Glad you made her smile -- you make me smile, too.