Sunday, January 29, 2006

EDM #52

This week's challenge is a tribute to the Lunar "Year of the Dog." While I don't own a dog nor do my work-a-day friends, I've resorted to posting the sketch I did of a dog back in September. This sketch was from a magazine advertisement, but I really liked the cuddliness I was able to capture.

As I was searching my older journals for this image, I came across several of my sketches. Looking back at them, I liked them better now than I did at the time. So I'm wondering, were my sketches better then? Was I paying more attention, going slower, seeing more than some of my attempts lately? Or has 'time' softened my own critiques? Do we sometimes have setbacks in our renderings that take a while to get past? I know we don't always progress in as linear a fashion as we might like .... This review of earlier sketches surprised me.


Laura said...

Lin, I'm not sure what's at work here. Your recent drawings are very, very strong--stronger, I think, than even this dog drawing, cute as it is (and it is!) I see definite progress--you're using more of the whole page, you're pushing yourself to try new things, you're certainly moving outside your comfort zone. And maybe that's it--the dog drawing is comfortable and part of you wants to be there again. But you're on the march and you're growing. It's hard to do--- and progress is not always clear to see. But, in my opinion, it's the only way to go. Keep going, girl. You're on the right track.

Zaz said...

oh - he's gorgeous ...........looks so cuddly and real - a right labrador puppy !

well caught Lin!

thanks for your nice comments on my blog too!


Teri C said...

Oh Lin, no wonder you sketched him--he is just adorable and you have captured that adorableness perfectly.

Linda said...

I was going to say what Laura said. Probably not as well as she said it, so I'll let her speak for both of us! I see a lot of progress in your work. Maybe you're able to recognize your growth when you look at your older sketches, and have a greater appreciation for the heart that goes into drawing. (sigh) Laura said it better. :-)

Loretta said...

I don't think that progression in drawing is necessarily linear. I look back on some earlier drawings of mine and wonder who it was who sketched it, since it seems to be beyond my abilities at the moment. Then the next day, I can accomplish my drawing quickly and with great ease. It's all part of that digging down and putting yourself out there, wrestling with your vision and forcing yourself to see and see more.

Don't ever stop! You've got it!

Marilyn said...

I agree with Laura. Your ceramic vasewith watercolor added and even your first sketch of the year show that your are pushing it! Great job

vicki said...

Lin, I think Laura speaks for everyone. Although this is a fine drawing, you should be very proud of how far you have come, your lines are much surer. I'm glad you posted this so that we can all apprieciate how far we have come with you! great job!

Lindsay said...

me too. I agree with Laura. Here's to more drawing!!! Lovely work