Friday, January 27, 2006

Gourdy Sue

The Arboretum has an upcoming gourd painting workshop next month that calls for my assistance. Never having painted gourds before, I thought I'd give it a bit of a try PRIOR to the class. My landscape gardening students grew many of the gourds we'll be painting, and with the workshop growing in registration numbers, we bought additional gourds so each participant can paint several.

When it comes to gourds, I'm more of a crafter than a painter. My friend who plans to also help with the workshop sent me a Gourdian Angel for the holidays -- so I thought I'd use hers as a model and modify the gourd for the upcoming spring.

Thus, Gourdy Sue, was born. I'm not sure how well I like this lopsided flower lady, but she sure makes me laugh!

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Bonny said...

Lin - I love this little gourd lady. She's absolutely adorable! I've only ever drawn gourds in my previous drawing classes, so to see one used artistically in this way is quite novel to me. This is delightful, and I don't think you need fear the workshop coming up. It looks like fun!