Sunday, January 15, 2006

Interior for Today's Sketch

Continuing with the Interior theme, I've sketched the bed in our guestroom.

This metal bed belonged to my dh and to be honest, was the most horrid shade of brown. The paint was peeling, the frame was rusting -- YUCK! When he and I married and moved to our present home in the woods, I spray painted the frame a textured 'stone' (light gray flecked with black and white textured pieces), and both of us liked the frame MUCH better!

The bedspread is a New England blue, hand-crocheted by my mom. I keep telling her that each piece of handwork she gives me is an automatic 'heirloom!" and she thinks I'm crazy...

I want to publicly thank my dh for the 'perspective' help he gave me. Though my sketch is not perfect in its rendering, C helped me realign the lines so the bed looked long enough for humans taller than my 2 year old granddaughter to sleep in, and I also listened to his STRONGLY suggested line placement so that the sketch looked like one wouldn't slide OUT of the bed should it be used! LOL



Terri said...

Practice is definitely the buzz word!! You did a great job with this Lin. And you managed to capture some of the texture of the bedspread too. I also like how you did the pillows. Well done. Now draw the same bed unmade ala Laura. :o)

Laura said...

Hey, we both drew our guest bedrooms! (Mine had the green walls and multicolored chair.) Lookin' good, there, girl! Keep going!