Thursday, January 19, 2006

Kitty ReVisited

As part of Cathy Johnson's Sketching/Drawing Class, one of the exercises is to focus on negative spaces. In her wonderful sketch examples, Kate points out the alignment of cat's eyes to their jawline. Another exercise is to play with adjusting our sketches with computer software.

Having spent the morning at home with NO stresss at all, I decided to resketch the kitty I previously posted as well as to adjust the color of the lines with PhotoShop.

Two things -- I can DEFINITELY see the line difference (and the result) in the sketch I did today and the one from two days ago; and lastly, while I'm no expert at PhotoShop - changing the line colors was FUN!


Teri C said...

Lin, great job! I am very impressed! I can how much you ae enjoying Cathy's classes.

Love that gourd sketch. What a nice friend to make you one.

Nancy said...

That's a lovely cat, it has that preternatural calm which cats project. And what fun, to change the colours.