Thursday, January 12, 2006

More pencil testing

I'm finally home from out of town and I'm proud to say I've been sketching EVERY DAY since January 1!! HORRAY!

I scanned and reloaded my pencil sketches, removing the 'photo' I took of the page. I think the scan shows so many more details!

I'm also adding some quick tree sketches testing again the various pencils on cold press 140# watercolor paper.

Continuing with the examples and sketching homework, I'm including a potted tree done with charcoal (both medium and soft) with added water for some of the values. On the same page are two flower sketches doen first in pencil, then pen and watercolor washes in keeping with my resolution to sketch more nature.


R2K said...

That looks so great! I really whish I could draw to some extent. Even just good looking doodles, but I cant!


Teri C said...

These are great sketches Lin! Congrats on your daily sketches--that is why you are getting so good!

Lisa Call said...

Congrats for sketching everyday. It feels great to meet a goal. Keep it up!

I love the trees - I've always loved bare branches.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lin,
I like your winter trees. Very expressive. Interesting how the different pencils and pens make in tree drawings. Gives me a little more inspiration.
fellow drawing sketching classmate

Malinda said...

Great going Lin!! Keep it up!

clare said...

Well done on 'drawing daily' one can tell you are getting better all the time.

Linda said...

Wonderful drawing of trees and plants! Congratulations on drawing daily, too!