Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Old Oak Desk

This wooden desk is over 40 years old. When my ex and I bought it, it was covered by six coats of paint and two to three layers of wallpaper -- what a mess! It was the first piece I ever refinished and it's still going strong.

Funny thing. After sketching this desk, which sits in the corner of my work room, it occurred to me -- my ex-husband and I redid the desk -- and our lives -- we both remarried. Talk about redoing.


Lisa Call said...

Your new sketches are wonderful. Love the desk - your persepective is great.

I love those days when the artwork flows - keep going!

Roma said...

What a cool story. I am touched by the symbolism of the whole process.

Wow, that desk must have been a tiring task to strip. And wallpaper??? I bet it is beautiful now. Do you actually use it? I don't think I could!

Misa said...

I love the sketch. I like knowing the stories behind objects, especially when people choose to draw or paint them.

Donn said...

Very nicely done. Only one thing I found awkward was the right hand side (top of desk) is not at the same angle as the left side (top).
Don't know if it was the camera angle or not, but don't think so.