Saturday, January 28, 2006

Regina Biscuits

My mom sent a wonderful package earlier this week - a huge box filled with the labors of her love: birthday gifts for the grands - a crocheted sweater for Nick in royal blue, white and red, and a fabulous poncho and matching hat for Emily's upcoming 2nd birthday. In the box was a poncho for me as well, and my surprise box of Regina bisquits! I LOVE THESE!

These not-so-sweet cookies are Sicilian in origin and covered with sesame seeds. They're crunchy and just perfect with coffee. The recipe I use when I make them calls for a bit of lemon and orange zest, though the bakery my mom frequents seems to do without these.

I thought I would give sketching a couple of the cookies a try ... MUCH more difficult than I thought. I attempted the biscuits using Prismacolor watercolor pencils .. but I just couldn't get all the wonderful ridges and shades of tan and brown I saw. I wound up blending the colors to my liking and adding some sepia ink highlights. (BTW, the background splash of color was done ala Roz's prepainted pages.)

I'll attempt these again ... if I can save any!

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