Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sketching Under Stress

My workweek has been and will continue to be overly busy with a very late night, workshop, students, conferences, travel. I find sketching when I'm racing around like I've had to do to be a bit less relaxing than it is at home when there are fewer demands on my time and attention. Still, I do think, regardless of how well the sketches have been completed, that sketching and moving my mind from FRANTIC to AWARENESS to be very very helpful to both my stress level and my mood!

The kitty was sketched from a magazine as I quickly ate dinner between work and workshop.

The woman with head on arm was sketched AFTER the workshop (11:00 pm -- NOT my best time! LOL) as I tried to relax. A dear friend of mine sent me a gorgeous fabric postcard with this well-known painting. As I relaxed, I tried to capture the restful pose of the model. Though it doesn't come close in facial likeness to the painting, I do like the restful feel of the face.

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Jennafer said...

I'm so impressed that you still found time to sketch and that you were able to feel how helpful it was to your mood. That is an inspiration!