Sunday, February 26, 2006

EDM#18 - View OF and FROM my Window

The theme for Kate's online alumni group for March is windows. In keeping with with finishing the EDM challenges, I decided to sketch both the view OF my window (my office window) AND a bit of what's OUT the window (the woods). I sketched this in pencil to try (SIGH) to capture the lace curtains (got a LOT to learn there!! LOL) and a bit of the tree trunks I can see when I'm siting at the computer. It's not very obvious I think, but I've tried to capture the plaid cushion on this window seat I infrequently sit in to read or view the birds at the feeder. I scanned my sketch and darkened the lines in Photoshop Elements. Then changed the color of the lines to sepia just for fun.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Lin,what a cozy place you've drawn. Lace is hard to draw but I think you've rendered it well!