Thursday, February 16, 2006

Indoor Herb Garden

One of the classes I gave for the general public was how to create a windowsill garden. The owner of the B&B I frequent came to that workshop and went home with a lovely small herb garden that she's kept going for almost two years. She keeps it in her kitchen window, and has used the chives, basil, mint and other herbs to spice our breakfast dishes. The only herb that remains in this small garden is a rose geranium that she's rooted and rerooted.

I had spent two days upgrading our files when our computer system was finally 'connected' with the main campus -- after almost a year! I was bleary-eyed from so much computer work and so very tired of sitting. After a most welcome and relaxing dinner and chat with a visiting friend, I returned to the B&B to STAND UP and sketch this small garden before heading to bed. I'll probably add a watercolor wash to it tomorrow ... but I was feeling so much better and I could see it in my sketching.


kate said...

A small, beautiful triumph, Lin!

Marilyn said...

Lin, I just really enjoy all your "journal" comments that go with your sketches. You seem like someone everyone would want to be friends with.

Bonny said...

Lin your sketchtes this week are still lovely - even if things are stressful for you at work. I love this little planter and I also think the vase of roses is superbly done. The colours just sparkle!
Hope your workload eases up soon... or that you find a new secretary.

Laura said...

Girl, I canNOT keep up with you! When you get going, you really get going! I agree with hrt2art---you do seem like someone everyone would be friends with, or want to :D.