Thursday, February 09, 2006

Peaches and My Berry Cup

This week's sketching lesson was to sketch on colored paper and use colored pencils. I bought myself some Prismacolor Pencils and brought some cardstock to work on while I was out of town.

The sketch of the peaches was done on peach cardstock from a photo in a seed catalogue and the blackberries, blueberries and raspberries was one of the fruit mixes I brought for my lunch from home. I couldn't adjust the scan enough to catch the vibrancy I achieved in real life. Each time I adjusted the contrast, the color of the paper changed -- this was the best I could do.

I really liked using the variously colored papers and would never have thought to use them before this lesson. I'm anxious to try a bit of watercolor on the color papers as well.


Donn said...

Love your peaches and blackberries, Lin. Look good enough to eat!
We have about 1/2 acre of blackberry bushes on our property. Usually have enough to eat all year long. I freeze them.

Terri said...

Those blueberries practically leap off that page! Luscious!!

Marie-Dom said...

Great drawings! I particularly like the blackberries.