Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Pie Safe

Today, sans grandchildren, was a day for catching up with photos and entries into the journals I keep for each of the grandchildren. I had pages to do for their move into their new home, Emily's 2nd birthday, their visit Friday and yesterday, and their exploration of their new dwelling. Cutting, pasting, printing photographs and captions kept me busy most of the day.

BUT, for my commitment to sketch daily, I grabbed a pen and sat in the kitchen to sketch another antique I dearly love. This pie safe was found in an antique shop here in town. It's not very old, but I fell in love with it's simple lines and punched pineapples. I keep a very ANCIENT philadendron on top of it, and though it's such a neglected plant, seems to thrive in my mindless houseplant care. I can honestly say I didn't give this sketch as much attention as I should have and it took me six times to get the vertical lines even partially straight-- I was just too focused on getting the journals done before I leave for work tomorrow. Still, I like the sketch and the bits of human error on see in it.


Lisa said...

This is lovely -- reminds me of a pie safe my aunt had which I sketched years ago. There's something so graphical about those punched out patterns. AND the sketch of your husband and essay you wrote with it are beautiful!!

Elaine said...

Wow - so many more lovely drawings since I last visited :) This one I liked particularly - I know you said you rushed it - but you captured it beautifully.

loretta said...

I love your daily commitment to sketch. And your husband looks like quite the troubadour!