Friday, February 24, 2006

Signs of Spring

I went into town today to pick up the last gallon of paint. The outside of the house has been refreshed with several coats of stain and sealer, as has the porch and deck, garage, well-house, and even a few of my planters. How WONDERFUL to see the house looking new again.

During my trip to town (12 miles one way), I saw so many signs of spring --trees have lost their grayness, and buds have begun to open. The red maples are magenta against the sky, and in the warmer microhabitats, a few buds of the dogwoods and Bradford pears are beginning to open. I thought to myself how much I would like to capture the red maples for my journal -- they're a favorite tree of mine.

I got home to tour my own property -- NOTHING! Apparently, I'm a week or so behind the warmer areas of town and nary a red maple blossom could be found. Too, after sitting in a sunshine-warmed car, when I stepped outside, the air was cool, very cool, even though the sun was so delicious looking.

On the path to the front door, though, I spotted, or rather sniffed, one of my Sweet Winter Daphnes just opening up its tightly-closed, pink/purple buds. OH MY! The scent was divine! I snipped a blossom and brought it indoors to sketch.

I sketched it in pencil, colored pencil, and two in pen and ink. NO, not because I was displeased with my results! I just wanted to sit close to that plant and INHALE that awesome fragrance! Spring is coming~!


Sioux said...

What a beautiful picture, both in words and in drawing. Thanks!

Terri said...

Isn't it a shame you can't sketch a scent!! :o) Between your words and the lovely drawing of the Daphne I shared your excitement at the hint of spring in the air. Lovely Lin, just lovely. Well done on both counts...words and sketch.

Lindsay said...

Lin, you make me feel so longlingly about spring! I wish I had buds here but we are further north than you are. BTW, I really enjoyed being in drawing group together. I did not really feel connected to anyone but you and Donn there but I loved the material presented. Just could not keep up!
Lovely flower too!

Carole said...

Beautiful spring flowers - I wish I could smell them too! I like your tea tin too. It's nice with a hint of apricot.