Sunday, February 19, 2006


After waiting several months for this venue to arrive, my son, daughter-in-law, husband and I ventured through our two-hour snowstorm (it sure passed quickly!!!) into Raleigh to see STOMP! I've always enjoyed percussion -- and this performance was a masterpiece! From pipes to pans, trash cans to oil drums, brooms and hands -- the sounds and melodies produced were incredible!! What a delight two hours that passed by far too fast!

We returned to my son's for a 'thank for your helping us move' dinner -- pot roast, creamed potatoes, peas, along with an entre of cheese sticks. I sketched the cheese stick dish as my daughter-in-law finished preparing dinner and my son quickly grabbed the remaining sticks. The grands were with their aunt, and it was sheer delight to visit with my son in his new home with furniture in place, a delicious meal on the table, and quiet all around (though I did miss the wee ones! LOL).

(Sketched with Prismacolor pencils)

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Kathleen Marie said...

Sounds like a fantastic evening (even with the snow issue!). :)