Thursday, February 09, 2006

Vase on Olive paper

Though we've had an unusually cold week (we've been experiencing a very mild winter with temperatures usually in the 50F-60F range), most trees have already broken bud and wisps of color can be seen on the tree branches, especially that beautiful wine red of the red maples. In the garden of the B&B I frequent, flowering quince and daffodils have not only poked through the soil, they're in full bloom splendor. Rebecca, the owner, ALWAYS has flower bouquets in each room of the B&B, so one night after returning to my room following a long day and evening at work, I sketched this beautiful vase of flowers and greens. Though I still haven't quite mastered rendering the two sides of an ellipse equal, I like the way the yellow of the daffodils and the pink/peach of the quince are so subtle on the olive paper. The sketch was done with a Micron .05 pen and Prismacolor pencils.

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