Friday, February 17, 2006

The Warmth before the Storm

We are hearing that there's a wild, cold, bitter storm acomin' after a week of temperatures in the high 60s and today, 74F. The men scheduled to paint our house decided to take advantage of the warm weather this week and get in as much painting as they could before this predicted drop in temperatures and uncertain precipitation. The bright, Carolina blue sky lured me outdoors as well, and I wound up discovering that the Prunus mume (apricot) tree we planted five years ago was old enough and happy enough to bloom! HORRAY! (and to think I might have missed that event!!!) We may have some apricots for jam!

I was torn between sketching and doing yard maintenance (aka weeding and cutting back fall's litter) -- so I crammed in both. I did a quick sketch of the apricot tree and birdhouse nearby, then hit the perennial beds with all the pent up, been-in-the-house-too-much-and-not-walking energy I could muster.

I got most of the beds tidied and then after dinner ran off a copy of the Prunus on pink paper and used my Prismacolor pencils to add a bit of color. It would help, I know, if I could stay in the lines when I color and I wouldn't muss up the lines of the branches -- SIGH .... oh well -- it was a delicious day.

They're predicting snow for tomorrow.


Donn said...

I think you did great on the apricot tree. As far as the colors go, you really don't need to stay "in the lines" especially when doing the leaves or blossoms.
Just the hint of color hear and there is good enough.
None of our trees are blooming yet. A couple new ones we just got (still in nursury buckets) have signs of buds beginning. It was over 70 today. Another hot one tomorrow.
Have a great weekend.

Carole said...

The pink tree is beautiful - really spring-like. I agree with Donn's comments about the pencil lines. It's lovely as it is.

Terri said...

You will have a wonderful record of your garden by the time you finish your sketchbooks. These are lovely!