Thursday, February 09, 2006

White Pencil

The sketching lesson this week focused on using colored paper with examples from Kate Johnson to use a white pencil for highlights. I sketched this spillway scene on mustard paper from a photo I took on the Eno River a few weeks ago. I really liked the ink and white pencil effect and will try this again!


Teri C said...

You have been busy Lin!!!! Great job on these sketches. What kind of colored paper did you use? I have always wanted to try doing something on color. One more thing to think about.

Terri said...

This is lovely. How coincidental too. I noticed one of my fellow L-D class-mates using white to highlight on darker paper just yesterday and thought to myself 'I must give that a go, it looks so good'. You are SO adventurous Lin. Well done!!

Shelly McC said...

This one is especially beautiful!

Jen said...

Hi Lin,

You have done a lovely job here. I have never tried using a white pencil, but interestingly I bought one last month so I need to take it out and give it a try. Water is one of the things that scares me most. Until now all my water drawings have been disasters.

Karen said...


This is just lovely. I would never have thought about using white for hightlights. Now one more new thing to try.


Donn said...

Nice going, Lin. I like it. You've given me incentive to try another on the tan paper but use the white pencil as a highlight.