Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Window that Was

After taking a sketching class from Kate Johnson this winter, she generously set up an alumni group for both her sketching and watercolor classes so we can continue to support (and learn!!) from one another. We've set ourselves a monthly challenge where we'll all attempt a theme or a particular photograph to sketch and/or watercolor. WHAT FUN!!

March's theme is 'windows'... and a few of us overly excited folks (LOL) have already begun sketching the window posted for our practice.

Mercy, the actual photo is such a beautiful window, filled with all sorts of lessons to continue -- perspective, values, shading, sketching/painting foliage. I've attempted this window a few times, each time taking the kind suggestions of my classmates.

Here's my latest attempt ... not too, too shabby for an amateur!! LOL But so much yet to learn!


Lisa said...

I love it!! The color, the texture, and the overall sense of life bursting from that window -- beautiful!

Carol Bonomo said...

This is so rich. I want to live there!

Teri C said...

Absolutly beautiful Lin! Gosh you are just getting better and better!

Bonny said...

Lin - this window sketch is gorgeous! I've never been to France but this is what I imagine a French Cottage window to look like. Nice work!

Linda said...

Not shabby at all! :-) In fact, it is really quite good -- what a lovely place!