Saturday, January 06, 2007

boredom 1

boredom 1
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I spent most of yesterday at a "professional development" workshop (mandatory) that for the first presenters was, unfortunately, so BORING that it was sadly embarrassing for them and painful for us. All I had with me was a pen and steno pad -- the pen scratchy and skipping on the slickish paper ... but I used to time to sketch what was in front of me -- crackers, cup, paper holder, pen.

When I finally did make it home, that 'everyone's got it' stomach virus knocked me off my feet and it's been a sleepless, painful night.


wagonized said...

Hooray for boredom, Lin. I think it is the source of the best creativity. This is the first time i've seen little black and white sketches on your blog, and i think it's something you could explore! I'm glad you had to sit through those workshops. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, I'd like to see more! It's so interesting too to see another area of your life - although it does sound like an incredibly boring meeting!!