Monday, January 01, 2007

EDM 99 2007 Art Goals

EDM 99 2007 Art Goals
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I started to review my sketches from when I began sketching 1 1/2 years ago - and am amazed to see such differences! and also amazed at what hasn't changed! But in doing so, there are some accomplishments I have made:

* I sketched every day -- no matter what
* I completed all the EDM challenges
* I've begun to loosen up a bit
* My lines are surer
* My perspective has improved
* I've taken a sketch class and a watercolor class from Kate Johnson and learned quite a bit
* I attended "Art in the Carolinas" and took a class from Karlyn Holman which helped me attempt more 'wet-in-wet' methods
* I've encouraged my fellow artists in their work, and have been exceedingly rewarded by their friendship and support
* I've met the most wonderful group of inspirational and generous folks.

In 2006 I set a few modest goals:

* Sketch more and write more on the same page!
* Learn to make my sketches more relaxed, loose and joy-filled instead of stiffly perfection-seeking
* Sketch more of nature
* Sketch more quickly


In 2007 my goals continue to be modest - but I believe attainable with my intense work schedule and grandchildren and family:

* Sketch/paint daily
* Practice more faces and figures
* Sketch more scenes from daily life
* Sketch the everyday - recognizing the extraordinariness of life
* Work through the many art books on my sheleves
* Practice more values and perspective
* Increase my economy of line and sketching speed
* Use richer colors - but keep them transparent
* Sketch more things of meaning
* Increase my journal entries - especially more writing
* Improve page compositions
and as always:


May 2007 be blessed, joyous, abundant and creative for all of us. And a humble, heartfelt thank YOU for your encouragement. It truly helps me pick up my pencil and continue the journey.

Thank YOU for sharing your life with me -- and allowing me to share mine with you.



Laura said...

Cara, you HAVE done so much in the past year, made so much progress, and cheered on so many others---you should be hugely proud of yourself! I hope, hope we can get together for a little cafe sketchcrawl in January. I know how busy you are, though, but I'm going to try to lure you here one Saturday afternoon!
Happy and fruitful 2007 to you, dear Lin.

Anonymous said...

the very best to you in the new year Lin! practice practice practice, I so agree and will join you in trying to continue to make that a primary goal for myself also in 07, you are an inspiration in your dedication to learn and improve, many thanks!

Hashi said...

Lin, you are one of the true encouragers. Thank you for that. I, too, see the growth in your work over the past year. Isn't it fun to watch that? I look forward to journeying with you in 2007. Keep smiling!

Elizabeth said...


Thank you for all the encouragement in the past year - these are wonderful and inspiring goals - hope you have a terrific 2007!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your progress and your goals. It's great to see. This is such a wonderful supportive community and you are a central and important person in it. I agree with Laura that you have cheered on so many others, me included. Thank you so much! Also thanks for the reminder to not only practice but also to stop and smell the roses...finding that balance is so important! I love the painting of the art favorite things of all.

Teri C said...

Lin, we can all see and applaud your achievements this past year. They are living proof that practice does indeed make perfect or darn close to it. Your growth as an artist is so inspiring and your support of myself and so many others, is nothing short of awesome! And I thank you.

It is such a pleasure to know you and watch your growth.


Anonymous said...

Lin -- you have been a wonderous inspiration! To have been obviously so busy with everyday life and a demanding job and STILL stick to your committment of drawing daily ... inspiration is the only word I can think of. I'm glad you recognize how much your encouragement has helped your fellow artists, too -- your kind words are always appreciated.
I hope you have a fantastic 2007, and want to remind you that you must give me a call if you pass through Knoxville!

Anonymous said...

Excellent goals! I am thrilled to be a small part of your support team and eagerly look forward to seeing what leaps take place in 2007.

Anonymous said...

Lin what goals and what achievements. your life has been full and you are obviously enjoying all you do and bring enjoyment to others as well. Thank you and may you continue to do so.

Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

A most excellent and thoughtful list, Miss Lin, and you have indeed progressed beautifully thus far! I can't wait to see what you do in 2007--you're truly an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

congrats Lin on meeting so many of your goals and for you dedication and amazing, unending support of so many of us blogging artists! I see you name, and encouraging comments all over the web, and I always smile.
Lookin' forward to a wonderful creative new year!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lin, this is so nice. Congratulations on the improvements you have seen already as well as the recognition of things you still feel need work! I stand in awe that you have been able to do it EVERYDAY and complete all the EDM challenges and work and have a family....