Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A peek behind the petal

I wanted to sketch one more tulip before I had to leave for my conference. When I sat in front of the vase of tulips, this rather 'immodest' blossom was right before my eyes! I just had to sketch it!

There is something so provocative about flowers -- and tulips in particular: smooth petals, sensual curves, and here, this seemingly Georgia O'Keeffe-ish perspective!

I'm halfway to the conference -- it's snowing -- things are delayed ... egads!


Teri C said...

What a GREAT view Lin! Love that it called to you, it's like peeking into another world.

Patti Gramza said...

Your tulips are beautiful!!! I love the idea of peeking at the seeds there behind the soft petals Lin!!! I hope that your conference came off ok! Now you have snow too! Waaaaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful tulips Lin! You do wonderful work. And I love your black and white photo - very cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the inside out of this. Plus you're reminding me to get going on tulip drawing!

Anonymous said...

I love that peekaboo tulip and your funny writing about it. Don't you just love the amazing world within a world in flowers!