Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Roses - Again

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A generous, kind friend is helping me with my watercolor techniques and methods, and I'm devoting much of my time to learning these well.

I've been interested for a long time, too, to learn how to 'loosen up' my watercolors, and this practice is moving me in that direction as well. Having fresh eyes and experience reviewing my methods and attempts will help me to eliminate bad habits before they've become too ingrained. You cannot imagine my gratitude for this gift. I hope to show my appreciation for this effort and time by devoting much, much time to practice and learning -- well.

Here are some simple roses, done with a limited pallete. They use a graded wash -- probably something I should have been practicing when I started watercolor 15 months ago -- but somehow didn't find or take the time to do OR learn well enough.

Funny thing ... I have been truly drooling over these kinds of paintings for lo, 15 months!! and they look so so simple ... and in my misconception of that simplicity, thought I could just randomly splash some paint on paper and then add a bit more and achieve that wonderful variation/blend that says "loose" to me. HA! What did I think I knew?? LOL

What I am learning now, is that often the most simple of watercolor paintings are often from the most experienced and learned hands, AFTER many months and years of that darn "P" word -- PRACTICE! Oh yes -- another "P" word -- PATIENCE!

And my admiration for these wise, talented, dedicated souls who pull this off painting after painting, time after time -- is even more amplified.

All from a simple rose and the generosity of a friend.


Anonymous said...

Very very lovely. What a nice friend and I bet you are teachers pet!!

Anonymous said...

Really, your colors in this are just perfect! You are smart to just let them mingle all by themselves on the paper. GREAT work!

Anonymous said...

These are GORGEOUS! I love this new direction and it's so interesting reading about your explorations with watercolor. You have a good teacher!