Friday, May 11, 2007

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes
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My notes from yet another six hour, powerpoint workshop. Though the speakers were very motivational and the information good, sitting that long is just TOO long!


Anonymous said...

Ouch, that is a long time to sit. Still, at least it provides the opportunity to make these great sketches!

Anonymous said...

Oh how well I remember those long classes and even worse, long meetings -- at least the classes were mostly productive!!
Neat little sketches; you are a whiz at being able to make your art anywhere, any time!

Sarah said...

Yuck, six minutes would be about my limit... only thing to do is draw, really isn't it!

Laureline said...

Wow, that is way too long! Good thing you took advantage of your forced captivity to make these sweet sketches! I've missed checking on your daily posts this last while---will try to catch up some this weekend.

Africantapestry said...

Sitting that long is nothing but a nightmare! You did well with the sketches though...I'd be so focused on the long sitting, I wouldn't have been able to do a single line!

caseytoussaint said...

Well, you used your time well - how's your back? Mine started to ache just reading your post.