Sunday, May 13, 2007

TAGGED for Seven

I've been twice tagged by --

Mary from Emma Pod who does some wonderful watercolors, and

Dave from Oxford, England (with me from Oxford, NC!!) who does watercolor and some of the finest pencil work on Dave's Blog,

to tell seven things about myself that folks may not know ... and then pass it along to seven others ... okey dokey:

(1) My husband and I met at a roller rink and fell in love after we both took skate dance lessons (yep, roller skate dancing much like ice dancing only MUCH MUCH warmer!), and the skate coach was his best man

(2) I wrote poetry for years and even had my own poetry reading and many other published

(3) I like spiders, except when they bite me

(4) I was once a prissy little girl whom, my mom tells me, gave her a fit because the plaid in my socks didn't match the plaid in my dress --- and now you can't get me to wear a dress unless I'm threatened!

(5) I love black licorice

(6) Although I grew up with a swimming pool in my backyard, I no longer enjoy swimming

(7) I used to grow all our own vegetables -- then canned, froze and dried them. I can't see or aim well enough to hunt, but I've helped skin as well as butcher the venison we eat.

Oh ... one extra:

(8) When my husband and I were first dating, I told him he had a 'salad bowl' for a lawn -- and I went on to explain that most of the weeds growing in his lawn were edible -- and then I prepared a weed salad for him, which he ate and said he liked... and he married me anyway! LOL

Now -- for the next seven:
Donn from Florida with some wonderful Oriental pen sketches on his blog Along the Wayside

My dear friend, Brenda who is a most generous lady with a gift for watercolor who shares her work on her blog, Amber Ridge Desert

My traveling friend with a gift for grand photos, Bonny, who shares her work and images on Bonny's Pages

Felicity who does the most awesome, jaw-dropping pencil work and shares her work on her blog, Felicity's Philosophies

Karen, whose Pen In Hand clearly shows her mastery of the pen and brush she has in her skilled hand

My friend Nita who leaves her Inktracks filled with eye candy


Lindsay, whose Non-Linear-Arts is filled with some of the loveliest serene water paintings.

Now to paint!


Lindsay said...

hahahah what fun! I've been seeing people get tagged and now I'm in the game! Thanks.
I love the bit about meeting roller skating! Lucky you !!!

Africantapestry said...

Now how come we haven't seen any of your poetry along with your sketches or haven't I paid attention(which is very likely...)? Can you imagine what a special and beautiful publishing that would make? An interesting person you are, Lin.

Emma Pod said...

Hi Lin, thanks for posting your 7 things. I love the roller skating and lawn/weed salad. You are a multi-talented gal!

caseytoussaint said...

What an interesting read - you are a surprising lady, although everything does seem to fit the image I had of you except the black licorice. We all used to tell our local candy store owner we were 'allergic' to the black ones!