Friday, November 07, 2008

Bean Soup Mix

Bean Soup Mix
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A quick still life after spending the day in the miasma of state agency red-tape, long lines, 'come back next week's,' and mounds of paper .... helping my son through the depressing experience of unemployment . Working through the often snarly, overworked agencies to find assistance is a wake-up call to remember that kindness, a helping hand, a caring word can make an incredible difference to someone in pain, confusion and despair. The reality of the huge numbers of people in this situation staggers the imagination; and it makes us all a bit fearful for for own situations as the economy continues to decline.

I offer a heartfelt prayer for those facing the reality of these challenging times, and pray that you are met with a smile, a helping hand and a comforting word through the frustration of it all.

A warm bowl of soup, a sharing of bread, an encouraging word -- may we share those today and continue to do so for those in need.


Robyn said...

Dear Lyn, I am so sorry that your son has to go through this. Thinking of you all and trusting that this situation will not linger too long. I bet your soup and love is a huge comfort.

caseytoussaint said...

Well said, Lin. I hope the economy picks up soon, so that more jobs can be created. Your son is so lucky to have you.
Great still life, too!

annie said...

I second Robyn and Casey. Good luck to your son. I was there in the 90's and, fortunately, the first people I dealt with were kind and respectful--I do not deal with unemployment with any kind of grace--and when I finally got a job, I returned to the "Unemployment Department" and met one of the Dragons."Whadda YOU want?" she glowered. I tossed the papers to her across the desk, smiled an uppity smile, and left with head held high.

I worked 18 years with the homeless, people with needs, and the "working poor" and saw too much of that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting Lin. Another keeper! Painting must give you some relief from the sad things in your life right now. I'm keeping your son and his family in my thoughts!

Joan said...

Sorry about your son! If you think about it we are all one step away from that same place at one time or another in our lives. Love and understanding mean a lot!!! We all need to reach out a hand when we can!

Love the soup mix painting...simple, practical, and lovely!

squawmama said...

Love this post... What great words... Just today while filling up the car with gas a lady asked me for help and I did... she was so thankful and said it's hard to find kind people anymore... I don't think so... They are out there... but I don think people get caught up in too much and forget a smile can make someone's day...


Felicity said...

So sorry to hear your son is having to go through this, it's so depressing. I hope he'll find a job very soon. I do feel that this time, even though everyone is talking doom and gloom, that those higher up are a bit wiser as to how to get things going again, and hopefully it won't go on too long. Best of luck to your son, Lin.

Jona said...

I wish the best of luck to your son to find a positive solution to this situation!! When we least expect it, things turn to good!

Excellent still life.