Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cedar Cliff Farm Gate and Lake

Finally got around to using some of the photographs I took during our last plein air trip. This view looks through the pretty, hand-crafted gate to the lake and woodlands on the other side of the property. The house corner, on the right, was abloom, and the yellow door and pumpkins there are another project from this incredible farm.

We're off to hang my paintings at the Clayton Library this morning. The exhibit will be open for a month -- and the library is merely 2 blocks from the Gallery!

I got to see the grands for Halloween yesterday - they're just too cute, especially as they kept trying to catch any one of the kittens for a bit of cuddling! LOL Other than Emily and Nick, it was a quiet halloween ... though I did keep an eye on 'Blackie' to make sure s/he didn't stray too far....!

The temps are going into the mid-70s today -- a bit of a warm-up. But the frosts we've had this week have really browned and dropped a lot of the leaves .... I can't believe it's tonight that we turn back the clocks. Before long, we'll be celebrating Christmas!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh happy Hanging!!! Be sure and take some pics to share with us! And congratulations again.

This is such a lovely painting - again you have the detailed (and lovely gate) and side of house, and all the beautiful foliage in an impressionistic style. Just gorgeous. Have a fun day!

Joan said...

I could easily step right into this and start plein air painting. What a lovely view you've captured!!! Have fun hanging the show!!I'm heading out to do something plein air today.

Felicity said...

I'm sure they will look wonderful - have a great day!

squawmama said...

Hope all goes well for you and as usual I love the painting... Hope you had a great Halloween...


Connie said...

Girlfriend! What a great job. That's the exact spot I sat in!


Teri C said...

This is so pretty and inviting Lin.

Jona said...

I agree with Joan ... this one looks like it is in front of us in real. Well done. The color of the lake is fantastic, I also like the field behind it very much.
There is one thing that bothers me... the gate takes all my attention.

Great that your exhibit will take place for a whole month and super location close to the gallery.
Running to read your impressions on the exhibit (my chronic late posting ;( )