Sunday, November 09, 2008

Elodie Farms 11 08

Elodie Farms 11 08
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Who could have imagined a bright blue sky, sunshiney, 70F day when it became in the 40s with a drizzle of rain and wind? Yesterday's Paint-Out, our 2nd at Elodie Farm in Bahama, NC was the highlight of the year -- just as it was last year! Almost 30 artists and some non-painting friends arrived early in the morning to set up easels and chairs among the goats, incredible fall foliage, barns, out buildings, pond and the like to try to capture the incredible gift of yesterday! I included some photos of the artists at work.

Charles brought his mandolin and his friend Harvey and his wife joined us for a most DELECTABLE lunch. Dave, his cousin and his brother (the cooks yesterday) made the most mouth-melting goat-cheese and sweet onion quiche, a Louisiana shrimp over rice dish, fabulous mixed green salad, and the most out-of-this-world bread pudding with caramel and raisin sauce! So you think it was a bit 'difficult' to get up from the table and paint!!! LOLOL

Encouraged anew by the brilliant weather and bubbling friendships and laughter, we spread out again on the grounds to complete paintings or attempt a 2nd. Charles' melodious voice joined by Harvey's dobro and artist/musician Amy's guitar kept the afternoon lively, despite our full tummies. What a fabulous day!

This sketch was done from the side of the porch overlooking the fields toward the pond ... the goat/pony I added kept coming into my view, then disappearing ... but more than producing a masterpiece, I decided early on to simply enjoy the weather, the blessings of friends and incredible food, and the last of autumn's glory.

Many of the artists added artwork to Dave's walls and we're planning a holiday lunch and exhibit in December. It was such a heart-warming lift to see some of my own paintings hanging in the front hall! What a thrill!

Words of gratitude for such an incredible day fill me as I write -- and I wanted to add my thanks to YOU for your most generous words of encouragement and hope for my son's employment situation. He spent yesterday on my computer working on schoolwork exams -- and we're all hoping this will help him in his search for a new career.

May YOUR Sunday be blessed!


squawmama said...

Oh Lin it sounds like the most glorius day at Elodie Farms... Your picture is amazing and I can't help but think how great you are at painting and FAST too... Wonderful post... Wish I had been there to enjoy the day with you...


Joan said...

Lin - I love the rolling hills on the farm!!! What a GORGEOUS job you did. I love the photos of the artists, and it sounds like you had a great time. Maybe I should have timed my trip differently... I'll be thinking of you when we drive through NC on Tuesday. Have a great time at your class!!! I'll try to find a computer somewhere in our travels to come and get my computer art fix.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Hi Lin,
I've enjoyed reading and studying your work on your blog. I can tell you love to paint and you do very well, too. Elodie Farms looks inspiring as well as peaceful.

You asked on my blog if I taught in NC ever. I do workshops throughout the country when asked and also take a workshop in early spring each year a near Hendersonville - called Kanuga Watercolor Workshops.

Happy painting. I'll be back soon.

Teri C said...

It looks and sounds like a fabulous day Lin! What a gorgeous and artistic place to work in.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day and how fortunate you are to have such a place to go to for relaxation, good food, a "gallery for your beautiful paintings" and of course lots of inspiration and subjects for painting!! Your soft fall foliage is lovely. And you made me hungry!! Thanks for sharing so much of the your day with us. And hi to Charles -- so nice to have a musical background.

Jona said...

What a wonderful day you spent. Was a joy simply reading about it.
And you made a wonderful work ... it's an ode to autumn colors.