Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fearington Garden Art

Fearington Garden Art
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After hanging the exhibit, we spent the rest of the day and far too late into the evening cleaning the attic in preparation for the air-conditioning and heating unit replacements this week.

We have a 2 story home so the attic steps add yet another climb -- to say I made the trip from the attic, down the 2nd story stairs, out the door and down those stairs, across the yard to load the truck for distribution to Good Will and the trash at least 60 times is no exaggeration. At least I got in my exercise for the day! LOL

There are still boxes I'd love to repack and remove, but at least there's a clear path across the entire length of the house with room to spare! What a job! They say you need to move every 10 years so you can clean out the accumulated 'stuff!" Well, we didn't move, thank heavens, but we're certainly moving a ton of things we should have recycled years ago. I did uncover a few 'missing' items, and saying a final farewell to my beloved college books was a bit difficult, but boy, I feel pounds lighter! LOL

The exhibit hanging and major clean up didn't leave much time to sketch. This is from a visit to Feariington to have lunch and paint with my friend, Florence.

The artful garden pieces Fearington adds to their landscaping are truly wonderful and inspirational not only for art, but for additions in the new garden I, too, hope to put in. That is, if the kittens will find another place to play. The temperature yesterday was well into the 70s -- bright blue sky -- a perfect day to be outdoors -- so I'm glad the kittens enjoyed it while we sweated in the attic! LOL But they're romping a lot in my garden areas. I suppose the ground is far easier for them to paw. But if I'm ever going to have annuals blooming again, I'm going to have to find a way to encourage their playful antics somewhere else!

Today Charles' friends come for a jam session. I"m hoping the aspirins help my sore limbs and I can paint a bit.

Hope you remembered to turn back your clocks last night! It sure is mighty dark at wake-up time!


Anonymous said...

Once again I love the soft foliage against the more defined items in the painting. I think this is your trademark!

We also had a 70 degree day and while you labored in the attic, I labored in the basement, getting rid of, moving stuff around (!) and trying to sort and get rid of more. I took a couple of breaks on the deck in the swing with the cats and a book. Another gorgeous day today. Enjoy this one!

Brenda Yarborough said...

You have WAY too much energy . . . wanna share? LOL! Those deep cleaning tasks are so much work, but the good feeling afterward is worth it, glad it's behind you. Another lovely little painting! Your discipline ALWAYS astounds me.

Teri C said...

What a pretty painting. And wow, that is EXERCISE!

squawmama said...

Well you know I am in Florida so we really do not have much of a season... Warm most of the time.. Love the etching... beautiful as usual...


Linda said...

I know what you mean! We've been trying to go through things for the past year, and I'm in yet another "clean it up and throw it out" mood now. :-D I used to move often, and I miss it for the very reason you say!
Lovely painting, as always. I wish I was close enough to come see your exhibit in person. It is surely a knockout.

Jona said...

Nice clean colors ... love the sketch.
Wow, wow, Lin, you have a busy life! All my respect for how you handle it!