Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Flowers in Vase - Karlyn Holman Workshop

Many, many thanks for your most kind comments and congratulations yesterday! Your very words and generous friendships are just the thing that has kept me moving my pencil and swishing my brush, especially when times get far too busy or fatigue pulls at me .. so once again, many many thanks -- to YOU!

So -- back to a few more workshop paintings.

Here, we worked on, once more, a path of light, popping out certain features of the pre-drawn image, working negatively to darken some areas to make them 'pop.' We worked on background textures and techniques -- such as the checkerboard pattern -- but most importantly, working light areas against dark areas, dark areas against light areas -- despite our reference!! The important thing here was the painting and what was needed in it to make it glow, or make it special, or make it sing, despite the reference from which we were working.

Niow to remember THAT point!! LOL

It's absolutely freezing here. Temps are in the 20sF and there's a chance of a few snow flurries .. SNOW!!! It was only 2 weeks ago that we had record highs in the 80s!!! No wonder there is so much sniffling and flu going around. Stay warm and stay well!!!!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin... Well I don't know anything about painting but I do know I love your style... Great job and if it is popping out at you tht counts this one POPS big time... Glad your enjoying your workshops.... Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Incredible Lin. I love the colors! To me it has an Asian feel to it. You've learned so much in her classes this year and it shows, bit time! I'm awed at how you are expanding your horizons and you make it look so easy! I got her book yesterday -- yummy!

Teri C said...

This is just stunning Lin! Just stunning!

Carole said...

You are doing some stunning work on this workshop!

Happy Third BlogBirthday for yesterday. Your painting just gets better and better - and you must have well over a thousand paintings by now!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...


Waiting... said...


Teresa said...

Wow... .this is just EYE POPPING!! And such juicy rich colors... way to go Lin!

Jona said...

That's a masterpiece!
What colors! What glowing!

Interesting to read the techniques you used ... the words "make it sing, despite the reference" captured my interest. Worth following.

I'm still euphoric, Lin :)
Nicest greetings to you...

Stephanie said...

I really enjoy your blog. Your paintings are beautiful.

Ambergris Caye, Belize