Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fog on the Lake

Fog on the Lake
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Ever wake up and just feel like painting a particular thing? For some reason yesterday, I really wanted to paint rocks ... go figure. There aren't many large rocks on my property or around me! I hunted for a few reference photos and put several together for this painting. It reminds me of a method and painting I saw in one of Karlyn Holman's DVDs .. but the scene came from several Wet Canvas references and a bit of memory of marsh areas in South Carolina that I love.

Got in a bit more shopping yesterday and finally did a most unusual thing for me -- watched a movie! Sitting still doesn't come easy; somehow I've been born with an innate restlessness (probably from my dad) to keep 'doing.' Yesterday though, with greying skies and chores about completed, I sat for 2 hours and enjoyed a movie ...! Really nice!

It's raining this morning and promises to do so all day and into tomorrow as we return to work. It looks like a quiet day ... who knows -- maybe another movie?!


squawmama said...

Good Morning Lin... You know I don't paint but I do take thousands of photos while we travel and if you would like I could send you some really great photos especially in the west... talk about rocks I have pics of the badlands...LOL LOL Great painting this morning... Have a great day...


Anonymous said...

Uuummmmmm! I always click on your paintings so I can get a larger view at Flicker. The enlarged photo is especially wonderful this morning. I love foggy paintings and feel they are difficult to do but you make it look easy. It's beautiful Lin. Lots of dark days and rain here too. Ugh. I just want to stay in bed. Glad you relaxed enough to see a movie. See another! Rest up for the week ahead.

Teri C said...

Just stunningly foggy!!

Teresa said...

Beautiful fog ... so misty and ethereal. Great job!

annie said...

I love misty lakes. So lovely, Lin.