Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Karlyn Holman Workshop, Color Sanding

Thank you -- so so much!!! for the exuberant remarks yesterday -- truly. Mercy, until I can learn to incorporate some of Karlyn's incredible techniques and vision, my own work is going to look mighty dull!!!!! LOL

The is a 'missed' technique that I tried to recreate following one of Karklyn's workshops .. the attempt here was a combination of stamping with watercolor with the back of leaves, placing additional leaves on top of those and color sanding (sanding watercolor pencils into wet paper) OVER those so that one 'paints' negatively around the stamped leaves -- and the look is layered. You can see a BIT of success here and there throughout the piece ... but hers were masterful ... I'm going to try this again ... but for now, I wound up with this .. and then moved on.


Teri C said...

Interesting technique and really creative.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting idea and interesting name! I'm sure you'll "get it" next try! You are so nice to share the learning experiences with us, and not just the masterful ones!

Linda said...

Hey, that's really really neat. REALLY neat ... and I think this is just fantastic -- and then I love what you did with it above!