Saturday, November 08, 2008

Log in the Creek

Log in the Creek
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Yesterday was an absolutely incredible gift of warm weather, blue skies, and a kaleidescope of colored and falling leaves.

When C got home from work, we walked our road again and came upon the log lying across a small, darky watered creek surrounded by autumn keaves. It was growing dark and the area was shaded by larger trees, so the painting is not as bright to reflect the shade of the scene. Every time my grandson Nick walks past this spot, he looks down to see if there is 'icky water' in the creek area we can see from the road. Yesterday, it certainly contained 'icky' water! LOL

We're off today to Elodie Farm again for another paint out. Dave, the owner, has invited artists to display their work on the walls of his dining area, and I have five paintings there already. He's fixing a 'special' plate for our lunch -- and once the clouds and showers leave this morning, the temperatures again promise to be close to 70F.

Hope your Saturday is filled with joy!


squawmama said...

Lin how lovely that picture is... We don't have much of a fall here in Florida but I can enjoy it through your paintings... I just LOVE your work... SOunds like it's going to be a great weekend for you... Enjoy the farm and painting...


Anonymous said...

What a find! So unusual and your colors and shading are so interesting. So glad you took that walk. We had our rain yesterday and today is overcast and cold. Brr. I'm not ready for winter. Enjoy your painting day and congratulations on being "hung" in yet another gallery!!!

Joan said...

Lin - You've captured the beauty of a small spot of nature! Well done!!! I like the darks you used in this. Have a great day! Enjoy the paint-out.

Teri C said...

Kids have the best way of explaining things.

Wonderful little painting and I know we will see a great one tomorrow also.

Jona said...

Lovely combination of colorful washes, hard and soft edges...