Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Pair of Pears

A Pair of Pears
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Daily Practice

A long, long day yesterday -- but the state-wide conference went well, and though the attendance was smaller than we had hoped (economic times !!), we still had a good representation from across the state. The panelists, information, networking, food were all terrific ....!

After the confrence, I dashed to Cary to participate in the last wee bit of the day-long class taught by Karlyn Holman. She and her hostess were incredibly gracious, and I was able to spend a bit of time 'catching up' so I could work on the painting during today's class.

After that, I drove the 50 miles back home to unpack from the week at work, paint a bit, catch up on email, and fall in to bed.

I head back to Cary early this morning for a full day of class -- so I'll be out of pocket until late tonight.

Have a great day! I'm so glad to be in classes and NOT be the teacher for a change!!!


squawmama said...

Have fun at your classes... Always good the broaden our knowledge no matter what it is about...


Teri C said...

Beautiful pair of pears! I get tired just reading what you all do!

Anonymous said...

Oh how well I remember your first attempt at pears -- at your card table in your cozy room upstairs. I still have my attempts but never show them to anyone LOL. Your Pair of Pears is just lovely and I'm so glad you got to K's class and are able to take more this week. How I miss being there with you but a 50th birthday bash for a friend, and cat rescue volunteer work are keeping me hopping -- and me an ol' lady!

Joan said...

Lin - Lovely pears!!! I don't know where you find the time or energy to get all you do done!!! We drove through NC yesterday and did stop to take some photos of barns where you suggested. Thanks. Did you see us waving as we passed your exit???

Linda said...

Lin! These are beautiful! You got those soft dull highlights just right! (That pear skin is tricky...:-)

Jona said...

Wonderful washes. It makes me wanna grab one pear.
Glad to hear you can study with the artist you like so much. Enjoy!