Friday, November 28, 2008

Rural Barn in Granville County

Several weeks ago, my husband and I took a 'road trip' along our rural roads to capture some of the barns we love surrounded by fall foliage. This red barn was one of our favorites.

We had a great time with family yesterday, and as most folks, I suppose, we ate too much. But the weather was warm -- in the 50s -- so we took a nice walk with the grands as they ran off all the desserts they consumed!

We even got in a bit of 'sale shopping' late last night -- so today, we'll concentrate on resting!


squawmama said...

Wow Lin you had a lot more energy than I did... After dinner we collapsed... LOL LOL It was a great day for us and enjoyed a relaxed (sort of) dinner with just a few of our family... Great painting... when we travel I always take photos of old barns... I have a thing for them... Have a great day


Anonymous said...

Oh I love it; especially with the detailed barn and soft foliage and the colors compliment each other perfectly!

Glad you had such an enjoyable day!

Teri C said...

Its beautiful Lin. I also love old barns.

Happy you had a good T-day.

Bonny said...

Lovely painting, Lin.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your amily yesterday, and that's as it should be. Have a relaxing weekend :)

Patti G. said...

Lin, great barn and the feeling of the piece is sooooo relaxing and beautiful! Hugs,Patti