Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunflowers, Karlyn Workshop

Sunflowers, Karlyn Workshop
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I finished this piece yesterday, and had to battle with myself to stop ... I see odds and ends I can adjust -- but decided to leave it with the abstract quality of its intent. The colors in the real aren't quite as saturated as this shows on my computer screen -- though they're close. I had to take a photo of the piece since it won't fit on my scanner, and my camera doesn't transfer colors quite as closely as my scanner.

Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday! This is quite a departure from my normal watercolors, and it was fun!

Last night at another Karlyn workshop, we worked with a 'path of light' again in a more traditional approach. I hope to finish that one today.

I return to Art in the Carolinas today for the trade show and another workshop. I've noticed that there are quite a few of us "Karlyn groupies" ... as I'm seeing more and more familiar faces at her classes!

My only wish is that I could have spread out the workshops over a longer period of time -- like a few months!!! LOL It's a lot to take in ...! LOL


squawmama said...

Lin once again I am in awe of your work... I truly love it and envy your talent... beautiful painting this morning... Glad your having such a great time at your workshops...Have a great day...


Anonymous said...

Lin, this is a BEAUTIFUL piece! I love the abstract quality and the heavy can feel very proud!

Shirley said...


Teresa said...

WOW.... TRULY GORGEOUS!!! One of your best yet.

Teri C said...

This is just stunning Lin!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the finished product is glorious! I love the different look. I'm so glad you got to take so many of her classes and I agree -- stimulation and information overload at those classes. I think they should be longer and fewer of them.
Thanks for sharing this incredible piece with us all and I hope you are going to frame this one too!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Absolutely fantastic!!
hugs, chris

Linda said...

Oh Lin -- this is great! Wouldn't we all just LOVE it if you were to do another similar piece and photograph how you do it, step by step, description by description, moment by moment ...
(That hint was so incredibly subtle that any other person would miss it, but I bet you picked right up on what I mean.)

Robyn said...

Oh Lin, I'm mad with envy! This is so beautiful. You must be delighted. I would love to have had the opportunity to be with you in this workshop. . I bet it was wonderful.

If only I could paint such a picture of sunflowers.

Jona said...

That's majestic!