Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Target - One of the Five Kittens

What an historical time for our nation! Senator Obama has been elected President! North Carolina has its first female governor -- and a democrat, there's a definite shift from Republican to Democrat in the Congress -- WOW! Obama's words "YES WE CAN!" resound in my ears this morning, and though there is much work to do in the economic and global arenas, there's such an overriding feeling of HOPE and OPTIMISM!

It is with just that optimism that I too begin to 'stretch' with my own artwork - moving into subjects like faces (even if those faces are CATS! LOL) and architecture ... It's the movement I think, the willingness to move out of comfort zones that keeps life exciting (well, most of the time! LOL), but hopefully,keeps art and life fresh ....

We are continuing our preparations for the conference next week -- and I'm so excited that immediately after the conference, Jerry's "Art in the Carolinas" takes place!! I've waited an entire YEAR to sign up for more classes -- and this year, I've a full slate of lessons with Karlyn Holman (! I'm taking leave from work to immerse myself in some new ideas and opportunities to focus on art ... and with all the colds and flu that seem to be going around, I'm doubling up on Vitamin C, Airborne and Zinc. My fingers are crossed!

Lastly, I've posted an article on acorns on the Arboretum website if you'd like to take a look - some interesting things I think about this incredible nut:

(Scroll down a bit on the splash page.)


Teresa said...

You've captured such a sweet innocence in your little kitty! Great job! Jumped over to your acorn article -- and it was wonderful! Never knew the acorn had so many uses for people - or was enjoyed by so many animals. Very informative.... and thoroughly enjoyable!
(P.S. and what a beautiful painting of the oak leaf and acorns to go along with the article!)

Joan said...

You did this so well!!! Lovely job on this and the autumn colors below. I was excited about Obama's historic win last night...may he have the blessings he needs to help put us back on the right track again. I think his victory says a lot about the country!!!

Teri C said...

The fur on this kitty looks just like soft, silky fur. Wonderful job Lin.

Amen to the rest of your commentary.

squawmama said...

How cute is that sweet little face... You did a wonderful job capturing it... Thanks


Anonymous said...

Oh Target is so adorable -- so soft and sweet. I'm personally very happy that you started portraits with cats!!! And this this another beauty.

I too was pleased the way the election turned out and am hoping this brilliant young man will turn our country around.

Jona said...

Target is bautiful. Love her tender expression, the fur looks so soft (how did you make this?), I love her ear :).

I couldn't agree more with your words about your new president. Congratulations to your country for making such an amazing, brave step!! Well done, USA!
Whole Europe believes in him!