Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Walk in the Fall

A Walk in the Fall
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After a weekend of cleaning attics and other chores, as the sun began to set, C and I walked our road and came upon this blaze of autumn color. I began the sketch before leaving home Sunday night, and finished it last night. I'm glad I got a head start on painting since yesterday was one of those whirlwind kinds of days that start with an early meeting and doesn't end until one returns to a desk after 5:30pm with a small line of folks waiting to discuss important matters and the phone still ringing off the hook!

I'm not really pleased with this sketch -- I wasn't able to capture the absolutely brilliance color and crispnessI saw and felt -- and wish I had been able to work on it plein air ... well, maybe next time.

It promises to be another busy week. We're in the throes of organizing our state-wide conference next week so there is much to get ready.

Rain has soaked the grounds last night and this morning and the gray sky is somber ....I'm really glad we did our out-of-office running around and meetings yesterday while the sun was still shining.


Anonymous said...

Oh it's lovely Lin and so impressionistic -- just right! I always got frustrated when I went back to Vermont and tried to capture the glory of the foliage with a camera -- there's nothing like the naked eye to behold all that glorious color.
Hope your week is not as hectic as predicted!

squawmama said...

Beautiful painting... You know that I love your work... Is it a wintery day... it is kinda grey here to... do you think it has anything to do with the elections???


Teri C said...

What a pretty autumn scene. You have a lot of feeling in this.

Linda said...

I don't know Lin -- it looks pretty doggone brilliant from here! Beautiful piece!

Sylvia Jenstad said...

I agree...this is a very cool painting...

mdb123_3000 said...

That's a beautiful autumn painting, like the kind of thing you would see on a postcard or something. In fact, if you wanted to put it on one, it's easy to do with PrintsMadeEasy, they let you upload images to postcards, business cards, letterhead, and envelopes

Jona said...

The colors are literaly glowing. I think it's fantastic.