Thursday, November 13, 2008

WIP - Karlyn Holman Workshop

Taking workshops, art lessons, meeting other artists-- all are all heady experiences for me ... they fire my imagination, energy, and thought processes and I so wish I had the opportunity to do more of each!

I spent the day yesterday with a group of extremely talented artists at a 2-day workshop with Karylyn Holman ( -- and no, I don't get a promotion fee -- LOL -- I just love her enthusiasm and work!

We worked on a mixed media piece that began the night before with by creating a 'path' of light. Today we drew our images in the light areas of this 'path', contrasting darks against lights, lights against darks as we painted our subjects. We added bits of watercolor collage on unryu paper, enhanced some areas with color sanding and more. While simply stated, these methods take a bit more time to execute, especially when you consider drying time, chatting time, eating time, and all the laughter, demonstrations and sharing we did. What a great time! LOL All these techniques are from Karlyn's book "Watercolor--The Spirit of Spontaneity" and the DVD of the same name. It's FUN -- and while spontaneous in some regards, still takes concentration to achieve the success that makes Karlyn's work so appealing!

I'm off to another workshop with her tonight -- I hope to finish this mixed media piece today so I can post the entire piece tomorrow (it's too large to scan).... but there are chores to be done and a few family obligations that must be met before another art class immersion.

One thing about all this new information, material -- and yes, fun .... it sure makes me tired! But I am sleeping so well!! LOL


squawmama said...

Lin.. I just love your work... I am so glad your having fun while picking up some new techniques... Sounds like your really enjoying yourself... Have a fun filled day...


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

This is turning out so well. Its beautiful. Your workshop sounds like a wonderufl experience. I wanna be there!

Teri C said...

I'm glad you showed this half-done piece, now I can how it progresses. Thanks Lin.

Anonymous said...

Oh gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! While I haven't even delved into her other books, I'll definitely look for this new one. I can't wait to see the finished piece!

Linda said...

THIS is beautiful!

Jona said...

Fantastic work in process.