Sunday, April 05, 2009

Azaleas and Rocks

Azaleas and Rocks
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Daily Practice

Another busy day yesterday and the grands overnight. Charles has his jam group coming this afternoon, and the weather is about as beautiful as any spring day ...I've my fingers crossed for finding a bit of time to paint outdoors or at least time to paint with leisure! LOL

I painted this a couple of weeks ago. The scene could have been Duke Gardens -- flowers galore! Even my own patches of daffodils, my redbuds and saucer magnolila are in bloom .... and the pine pollen is flying! With the winds we've had, it feels like a yellow duststorm! LOL

Have a great day ...


Marilyn Rock said...

Lin; every so often I stop by for a visit and am so glad I do. Your paintings are just beautiful!

Best to you! .......Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, it's so lovely Lin. The rocks are terrific and the flowers gorgeous. Again, our weather is the same. So nice to see the sun and feel the crisp air. Hope you have some outside time to paint without all the sneezing!

Joan said...

Lin - Those azaleas look so good against the light rocks. Beautiful job!!! Enjoy the warm weather. We have sun, mild temps, and a bit of wind today. I'm hoping at least to paint somewhere from the car with the windows open. lol Enjoy!!

Bonny said...

Beautiful, Lin!! Our weather is still swinging back and forth between good and yucky days. On the good days I'm chafing to get this cast off and get out there!!
At the moment I'm enjoying Spring vicariously through your paintings :))

Have a good week coming up!

Teri C said...

Love all those pink flowers among the rocks. Beautiful.