Wednesday, April 01, 2009


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Daily Practice

Thank you all for your well-wishes for our event. It could not have been more well received.... the entire day was sheer grace ...

Between a weekend of rain and rain today, we had a gloriously sun-filled, warm day. The first swallowtails appeared along with the bright pink blooms of our azaleas, seemingly to open just for the Prelude Event. Over 50 people arrived (so many called with that dreaded flu) to participate in a lecture, tour, seed exchange, refreshments, a history of the Arboretum's progress and to enjoy a balmy, beautiful day.

After hours on our feet, talking non-stop, answering questions, cleaning up and readying two buildings for classes and for interviews this morning, I about crawled back to the B&B to do a quick 'impression' of a bit of our azalea garden. I clustered these shrubs around a crepe myrtle in the style we see so often here in the south, but our azalea beds are not quite so donut-y ... I painted this partly from an old photo and mostly from memory and license and mostly from sheer will to paint something before sleep! LOL

I cannot express how grateful we are for the way the day turned out. We're all pretty tired and must now focus our attention on the plant sale (our largest fund-raiser of the year) scheduled a bit more than two weeks away.



Teri C said...

Geez Lin, you are like the battery bunny, you just keep going!! Such a pretty scene this is.

Joan said...

Sounds like an exhausting time, but you find time to paint yet!!! I love the color of the azaleas in this!! Nice job! Hope the plant sale goes well!