Sunday, April 19, 2009


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Daily Practice

Thank you all for your most generous comments yesterday and for the well wishes for our fund-raiser plant sale.
It was an incredible success!

The day itself was an exceptional gift - sunshine, temperatures in the 70s and 80s, clear skies, and an array of activities being offered around our local towns. The gardening 'bug' seemed to bite hard while the sun pulled families from the confines of their homes!

By 8:45 we had a line in front of the greenhouses back to the parking lot! I was jaw-dropped! At 9, we opened the doors - by 9:10 the cucumbers were gone, by 9:15 every pepper plant, by 10, half of the entire TABLE of tomatoes-- all gone. Birdhouses, flower pots, feeders went to loving homes with equal speed. The JCC Drumming Ensemble opened the event followed by an enthusiastic, wonderful chorus, giving the entire sale a festive, energetic 'feel.' Painters were captivated by those irises I posted earlier, and also lined the entry; and many more spent the day by the lake across the campus. Photography students, pottery students all did well. Our special musicians (Don S, Harvey and Charles, Brant and Brandy) continued to keep customers entertained and the mood light and cheeful. We had a brilliant performance by our former Arboretum Technican's daughter, Brandy (10 years old!!!) and husband, and tears of joy just fell by those listening to the talent of this little star! Hot dogs were the lunch item of choice (in between customers -- a mere smidgen of time), and students were scurrying with loaded gators and golf carts to fill customers' cars all day long.

We exceeded our best year of sales!! Which means despite the economic restrictions we've been under and will continue to operate next year, the Southern Garden can begin to move forward!

We are all incredibly grateful!!!!

And, well, exhausted. It was an exceptionally early, intense, non-stop day and late night. But deeply gratifying. Today will be quiet as not only I recover, but all the wonderful volunteers and students, our Advisory Board members, even the Southern Garden architect, my dear husband who not only sang his heart out, but also helped with receipts and clean up.

When we finally got home last night, I was too keyed up to sit, so I walked the property and plucked one of my own flowering azaleas. I didn't have enough energy to do much, but daily practice is important, and so this loose, simple sketch before I feel into bed.

Thank you all! It was truly an INCREDIBLE day!


Anonymous said...

WOW. Glad you had such a successful day and that it all went so well, including weather! I am amazed you had an ounce of energy left to paint and to paint a gorgeous Azalea. Rest well today dear friend.

Teri C said...

A beautiful painting to go with your successful day!! Congrats.