Friday, April 10, 2009


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Daily Practice

The hyacinths are in their full glory right now -- these brilliantly purple ones grace the front and sides of the kitchen garden at the Arboretum .. LOVE them!

We had a surprise yesterday when I picked up the kitties from the vet .... Target -- is a BOY! LOL Imagine how silly I felt not to have known and thinking he was a she .... oh well ... at least I know Pepper now has a brother. Both Target and Spot are doing well, though neither of them likes being confined. They have a couple of days for restricted activity and contact with their siblings. Spot has already managed to escape twice ...maybe her pain medication today will calm her down a bit.

It's going to be a glorious day -- sunshine and warm temps. I think C and I are headed for the park for some painting and hiking .... yahoo!!

Have a great day!

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Joan said...

Wonderful image of spring, Lin!!! Beautiful purples in these!! Enjoy your outdoor time!!! I'm hoping to paint somewhere today if the weather holds out long enough, and then do the sketchcrawl tomorrow.