Monday, April 20, 2009


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Behind the main campus building at JCC is a lake surrounded by pine trees and azaleas as well as this pink dogwood showing off its delicate blossoms. During some of my trips across campus last week, I saw this view and so wish I could have painted it plein air, but other duties called. So I snapped a photo and painted it AFTER the plant sale. Pinks, light purples and so many shades of green make up this corner of the campus. The path leads around the lake, and is always occupied by mallards and geese as well as walkers and joggers. Truly a pretty place.

My friend Donna posted a link to Susan Boyle's sensational appearance on "Britains Got Talent" yesterday

I listened once again to Susan ( singing. Again, her tale, a Cinderella story to be sure, had me sobbing with emotion. The crusty, gnarly oyster, was allowed to open to reveal the most golden of glistening pearls. And the world rejoices again.

How much this reminds me that we are all Susans. We are all oysters with hidden pearls that sometimes, if we’re fortunate, a few people see, appreciate and value. A few of us, even get the chance to broaden the ‘shine’ inside to wider audiences.

I want to remember … to strive always … to SEE each of those pearls that come into my world … to encourage their glowing, to help each ‘oyster’ I meet to shine ever more brightly.

May we each have the courage and conviction to keep shining brighten the world for us all. And for me, some of that glow are scenes like this ... and friends like you.

Shine on, dear hearts ....


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

What a beautiful place Lin. I can see why you were inspired to paint it. Great compisition and colors.

Anonymous said...

Oh such a sweet and delicate painting -- a lovely scene to be sure -- says SPRING in giant letters. Pink dogwoods are among my favorites. And yes, I saw the magnificent video from Brits got Talent and was blown away by Susan. Last night on th news the female judge was saying she just listened to her singing Cry me a River and it was also fantastic. I hope she makes a CD and soon. My MIL would love it. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous painting and your insightful words.

Joan said...

Lin - You write so well!!! I really enjoyed Susan's performance and her story. It should really teach us not to judge a book by it's cover. There are treasures hidden within!

This is a BEAUTY!!! I love the pinks you've used here! Lovely job on the trees and the entire scene! Our trees are just starting to get a touch of color! I hope they look like this soon.

Teresa said...

This is lovely, Lin! Your colors are just perfect!

Re: Susan Boyle... what a refreshing change to see a woman who's not trying to squish herself into the world's cookie cutter ideal of beauty. I applaud her spunk and spirit.... and that makes her truly beautiful!