Monday, April 13, 2009

Rain Coming at Satterwhite Point 2

Daily Practice
Plein Air

This is a view of the lake and the changes we experienced the other day over an hour's time. From sunshine to gusty winds to billows of darkening clouds to sheets of rain ... whew! I turned my view to paint this a bit more toward the water than the thicket to focus on the changes in the water color. Some of this was painted from the dryness of the car! LOL

It's been cooler than we had expected with rain predicted for the first of this week. We're in the throes of preparing for our annual plant sale fund-raiser, so it'll be mighty busy with work on the weekend as well.

Hope the week goes well for everyone! Stay dry!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I love how the water reflects the color of the sky and your trees are super! Very cold and rainy here for a couple of days too but it will make me hunker down and do my taxes. Try not to overdo this week.

Joan said...

Gorgeous job on the sky and the reflection in the water!!! Well done!! I often find myself sitting in my car to paint lately!

Pat said...

This is a great painting of the moment. Your blog continues to encourage and support my efforts to draw and blog.

Teri C said...

This is a beautiful landscape and the flowers you painted are also beautiful!!